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Our Values

At Birch Tree Montessori, we are committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for all children and members of our community. We honor and respect each individual for their unique experiences, cultures, and identities and recognize our success relies on the inclusion of all voices. 


We stand confidently in our mission for a diverse and inclusive community. Part of this work stems from continued learning, as we strive to make tangible differences to become agents of positive change.


It takes a strong community to help build an antiracist and diverse world. If at any point questions or concerns arise, we sincerely hope you will bring these to our attention. 

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Montessori at Birch Tree

Student Choice: Children choose their own activities from a range of choices carefully prepared by trained Montessori teachers.


Mixed-Age Groupings: A mix of younger and older children, in the same developmental stage (ages 2.9 - 6 years) allows students to advance seamlessly as they are ready for more challenging materials, build authentic community, and learn from both teachers and peers.


Uninterrupted, Independent Work Periods: Children build attention, focus, and concentration, while learning at their own pace.


Montessori Materials: Hands-on, concrete self-correcting materials support engagement, curiosity, independence, and self-guided learning.


Comprehensive Curriculum: Teachers are trained in a broad curriculum covering language, math, science, culture, art, music, movement, practical life skills, and social development.


Personalized Learning: Teachers give lessons one-on-one or in small groups, allowing them to tailor each presentation to the skill level of individual children.


Developmental Stages: Montessori looks different for different ages because it follows children's natural development.


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